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Monty chooses languages

By admin | November 3, 2016 | Categories:

Codex Global takes the responsibility for the development of young people very seriously. Each year we select a school leaver to join the team for a week to gain vital real-life experience of the work place. This year we were joined by Monty Merchie, Monty an A level student at Ripon Grammar in North Yorkshire is an accomplished linguist, scientist, musician and sports man.

We created a week-long package during which Monty worked in the production, sales and vendor management departments. The experience was beneficial for both Codex and Monty and we heard this week that he has started to investigate studying Arabic and international studies at University and is setting his sights on a career at The Foreign Office.

Good luck Monty please stay in touch. We look forward to welcoming a new student next year..

London, Codex Global HQ


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