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How can companies avoid falling into the trap of creating an advert or campaign that doesn’t translate well or is culturally insensitive?

When a company creates an advertising campaign, it must work in all countries it will be broadcasted to so it’s correctly understood and has the intended impact.

That involves working with local linguists with relevant sector-specific expertise to make sure that every single word or implied notion is understood as intended, does not offend, or look ill-informed.

There have been countless examples of companies not doing this, which should convince anyone how important it is to make sure that every adaptation is up to the highest standard it can be.

Once upon a time, Coors advertising team came up with the phrase ‘Turn it Loose’ to appeal to people to have a good time and drink their beverage.

However it was not the loose they intended as when it was directly translated to Spanish, it became ‘diarrhoea’. No one wants a beer to do that to them.

Occasionally, issues can arise when no thought is given to how a campaign may be perceived by the audience in relation to current events.

KFC’s ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ tagline is clearly very memorable, but could have come across as incredibly tactless had it not been removed so quickly at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

The team behind the iconic phrase blurred it out so as not to encourage people to lick their fingers when the virus was spreading so rapidly around the globe.

Another company that could have avoided a public ‘roasting’ by investing properly in its translation strategy is one of the biggest in the world – Amazon.

The online selling site launched in Sweden recently but many were quick to spot that their translations were not thought out.

Many seem to think they were adapted from English to Swedish using only machine translation considering the many mistakes made.

These mistranslations will have caused countless hours of reworking the website by the Amazon team, which need not have happened had they had local linguists work alongside them.

So how do you avoid going down the same road as these big brands?

Working with native linguists will always help. There is no one better to tell you if a campaign will work than someone who is experienced with branding as well based in the market.

Codex Global offers a wide range of services that are designed to overcome the linguistic and cultural differences that can pose risk to brands looking to increase their global presence.

Cultural consultations, market insights, transcreation, multilingual keyword research and brand management are just a few examples of services that can help brands ensure that their messaging is sensitive to the local climate and makes the right impact.

If you’d like to find out how Codex Global can help your brand, contact the team at

November 23rd, 2020

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Specialist e-commerce translation partner develops a new Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge to integrate with their Translation Management Platform, alleviating the complexity of managing multilingual content.


Codex Global, a digitally enabled Language Service and Global Content Provider, has selected digital commerce consultancy Tryzens, as its ecommerce integration partner. The cartridge integrates with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and makes it simpler for global brands to connect Codex into their platforms while ensuring secure, seamless, and tailored workflows.


With the ability to combine language and technology with cultural and creative services, Codex works with businesses operating locally in global markets. The international digital language and content provider’s offering includes translation and creative services, brand management, performance localisation and multilingual art working. For brands across all sectors, this allows them to provide an outstanding customer experience, regardless of where their customers are in the world.


Following the consultation process with Codex, Tryzens worked hard to develop and design a cartridge which ensures a smooth integration process between Codex and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This cartridge will transform content flow for existing customers and enhance the security and reliability of workflows for all users.


Christopher Bryden, Director, at Codex commented: “With digital capabilities improving and developing exponentially, it is essential that as a company, we continuously evolve to ensure we operate competitively while providing secure and seamless workflows for our customers. With this in mind, integrating with Salesforce Commerce Cloud was essential to support the next phase of growth for the business. The cartridge has enabled us to improve our service offering for our existing customer base while expanding our reach and enabling a simple and intuitive integration process for new customers operating on Salesforce Commerce Cloud.”


“As a company, we work very closely with our clients, so when searching for a systems integration partner, it was critical we selected a company that provided a proactive, consultative process. With Tryzens having established an outstanding reputation in the ecommerce industry, with particular expertise in cartridge and integration development, we had complete confidence that they had the ability to get the job done quickly and efficiently”, Christopher concluded.


Andy Burton, CEO of Tryzens, added: “The competitive nature of the global ecommerce market grows day by day, meaning it is essential that retailers across all markets have the ability to communicate their brand values to customers, regardless of where they are situated. If they fail to do so, they may find themselves left behind by their tech-savvier competitors and miss crucial opportunities to build a global brand that builds 1:1 relationships with its customers.”


Salesforce, Commerce Cloud and others are trademarks of, inc.

October 27th, 2020

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Codex HQ, London (UK)

It has been an extraordinarily busy few months at Codex. As well as continuing to grow the business by working with new strategic clients we have had time to relax and be social too:

International lunch:

Last year we didn’t have room in the office for this amazing annual event but having moved to our new HQ it was resurrected last month. With the team continuing to expand we had dishes from all over the world, check this out:

A group of people standing in a room Description automatically generated


Never to be missed, the business was scared witless at the end of October as we celebrated All Hallows’ Eve, mercifully we didn’t have to endure Brexit on the same night!

A group of people posing for the camera Description automatically generated

5 aside:

Watch out everyone, the Codex football team has been formed! I am delighted to report that there were no injuries at the inaugural match.

November 6th, 2019

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London, UK: Codex Global’s Head Quarters & Centre of Excellence

Codex has moved to a brand-new office in the Nine Elms International Quarter, at the heart of London’s newest and largest regeneration zone.

The office is adjacent to the forthcoming Nine Elms tube station and benefits from easy access to Vauxhall’s underground, overland and bus terminal with the Thames Clipper service just 10 minutes walk away.

Commenting on the move, Rupert Foster, Codex Managing Director, said:

“This is an exciting time for Codex, our move accommodates the growth of our client base and expanding team. Significantly, it marks the creation of a Centre of Excellence for project management, training and sales.”

“Here in the Nine Elms International Commercial Hub, we we will be rubbing shoulders with some prestigious neighbours including Apple, MI6, The American Embassy, Top Selection (wines) Limited and CLS Holdings PLC. We look forward to being an active member of the local business community.”

A group of people in a room Description automatically generated A group of people in a room Description automatically generated

Our temporary address (while construction in the area continues) is:

Codex Global Limited

Nine Elms Point

Unit B,

Wandsworth Road


For more information on global content services by Codex, please do not hesitate to contact us via:

February 27th, 2019

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Berlin, Germany: Codex Global’s in-country office

Codex Global, MairDumont, linguists Anja Fülle and Jérôme Mermod recently collaborated on the translation of a new book Red Tapes And White Knuckles (German title: Mit 80 Schutzengeln durch Afrika) (, an account on a woman’s motorcycle adventure through Africa.

Commenting on the project management of the task, Jamal Sreiss from Codex said: “It was a pleasure working with MairDumont, Anja and Jérôme. This was our second collaboration with MairDumont and again the challenge was tough but with careful planning we met the agreed schedule and budget. We are proud to have been involved with such a prestigious job.”

You can order the book in English at:

or in German at:

For more information on translation services by Codex Global, please do not hesitate to contact us via:

December 5th, 2018

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Welburn, North Yorkshire

This month our charitable focus was in support of the visit by Princess Anne to the Riding for the Disabled Group at Welburn Hall School in North Yorkshire.

The Princess visited in order to open the new riding arena, present prizes to the riders and to formally acknowledge the commitment of the volunteers who give so much time and dedication to the charity.

The Riding for the Disabled Association, also known as the RDA is a United Kingdom based charity focused on providing horse-riding and carriage driving lessons to people with both developmental and physical disabilities and Codex is proud to have supported over the past few years.

Welburn Hall School is a North Yorkshire County Council maintained special school with a strong reputation for excellence in working with children and young people who have a wide range of special educational needs.

November 6th, 2018

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London HQ

Once again Codex is delighted welcome a host of new starters to our business this month, our new recruits have join us from Holland, Germany, Italy, and Brazil.

In an extension of the management team, Iris Van Oudvorst has been recruited to the role of Client Services Manager which reflects a year of significant growth and on boarding of a number of large new international clients.

Welcome everyone.

As Codex develops we have a constant requirement to recruit new talent, if you would like to explore opportunities with our business, please feel free to make contact via:

September 13th, 2018

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On Wednesday 24 January 2018, Codex honoured the life and poetry of Robbie Burns with a traditional Burns supper at The Cavalry and Guards Club – this formal event marked the culmination of a significant year of growth for the business in 2017, the celebrating of our 15th birthday and the presentation of the annual awards.

Having piped in the haggis and addressed it in customary style a great dinner was had by all in the wonderful setting of the Cavalry Club. Awards were presented to Team Wild Fire, Joao, Erik, Mirella and Matt – congratulations to you all.

For more information on Codex, our services, the team and our core skills please go to


The Cavalry and Guards Club, Central London
The Codex Team

January 26th, 2018

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On Tuesday 7 November 2017 Ksenia Ivanova and Mirella Pascu from Codex Global were visiting lecturers at The London Metropolitan University department of translation and interpreting.

Ksenia and Mirela presented the students with an overview of the employment opportunities with a Language Service Supplier (LSP). They presented the routes to employment, gave an overview of the roles available in the sector, outlined the details of the well-regarded Codex internship scheme and recounted some personal anecdotes and advice.

The lecture was over subscribed by students and the informal Q&A session was detailed and informative, next time Maite Gonzalez FHEA, Senior Lecturer in Languages (Translation), BA and MA Translation Work Placement Coordinator London Met has agreed to allocate additional time.

Many thanks to London Met for entertaining Codex, we are proud of our relationship with the University, many of their former students are now Codex employees.

For more information on opportunities at Codex contact

London Met Campus, Central London
The Codex Team

November 23rd, 2017

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London HQ
On Wednesday 18 October 2017 we were honoured to host Kevin Hollinrake MP in our London office.

Mr Hollinrake was briefed by the Codex management team on the history of the business, it’s current vital statistics, the Codex service offering, our clients and an analysis of our geographical and sector activities.

Following the briefing, Rupert Foster the Codex MD introduced Mr Hollinrake to the team, he spoke to several employees from Europe and then addressed the whole office.

Mr Hollinrake’s speech focused on concerns raised by the team on the impact of Brexit, his thoughts on the future of UK businesses trading with Europe and the rest of the world and he concluded by saying:….”how encouraging it was to visit Codex, a company founded in Yorkshire, now head quartered in London, staffed with international employees and growing its customer base in UK, Europe and beyond”.

Many thanks for coming Kevin, we will remain in touch.

The Codex Team

October 26th, 2017

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