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On Thursday, 1st November, 10AM (UK time) we will be changing our main MemoQ (memoq.codexglobal.net) licensing server from ELM to CAL. This is just a different way to assign licenses to users who do not own a license.





After the update on the 1st of November, some people are experiencing problems with their licenses when using MemoQ local client for Windows. With CAL licenses, you no longer need to run the Activation Wizard before checking our a Project, the license will be retrieved automatically when you open/check out a project. Please make sure you follow these steps:

  1. Your MemoQ edition is either Free or TPro (you can check in MyMemoQ menu)
    1. If your MemoQ shows edition None, then you need to activate it.
  2. You have cleared the CAL server details in MyMemoQ/Activation/CAL

The details about these steps are described in the section 9.c. of the below guide.



  • If you use memoQweb there won’t be any major change for you.
  • If you use memoQ client for Windows, MemoQ will try to borrow a license from our server when you open a project. You must have an active internet connection to keep that license active -unless you have your own MemoQ Translator Pro. Once we finalise the migration the changes should be transparent for you. Please refer to the below guide for more information.

HOW TO BUY MEMOQ (20% discount + 30 EUR cashback)

You can buy memoQ Translator Pro license at 20% discounted price by using the link below. This license can also be used for any other client you may be working with and also for your local projects:

Once you have bought it you may request a 30 EUR cashback on your next job from Codex.

All linguists with their own MemoQ Translator Pro license have higher priority on our supplier selection process. Our Vendor Management department keeps track of all MemoQ owners and in some instances we might assign some projects to these translators first when our pool of licenses is limited. In addition, purchasing MemoQ will give you access to Kilgray support and allow you to use MemoQ for any of your projects and clients.

For more information, activation process and troubleshooting, please refer to this updated guide:

Thank you for your support

October 30th, 2018

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